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What to seek when looking for the perfect watch

May 07, 2021 / By Junaid Ali / in Fashion

Want a fancy gift for your fiancé for your Anniversary, or a birthday gift for your dad or a welcome back present for your best friend. Watches are always the best go-to option for any gift. This is because of their diversity; they are suitable for all age groups for all kinds of occasions, and they are gender-neutral. There are different genres of watches that could give you present any type of occasion you intended to nail. It could be a formal business formality or a casual birthday gift. 

 So, what would you look for in a watch to aim for the perfect gift that suits the occasion and the person it’s intended for. There is a wide variety of current watches that you could choose from.

Analog Watches: 

The most common display type is an Analogue watch, it has the normal hour, and the minute and seconds arm that tells you the time. This traditional type of observation is a more casual approach for a present, aimed for an older or younger generation; in fact, it could be a perfect gift for a 10-year-old who would be learning to read the time in school. This would give him or her enthusiasm and practice to master time reading. Of course, analog watches aren’t necessarily limited to a casual style; many companies like Benyar watches produce a wide variety of analog watches from casual to luxury style.

Digital Watches: 

 These are the kinds of watches that display the time on an LCD screen; these are only available with quartz watches since they use an electric source of power. The more popular option these days is a digital, easy to read kind of watch. Owing to its demand, all sorts of brands feature a digital watch in their catalogs these days. Digital watches speak modern times and contemporary life style, aimed more for a younger audience who are not a big fan of Conventional Analogue watches. Kademan watches promote an interesting variety of digital watches that you can look into.

Hybrid Watches: 

While watches are a functional necessity, however, some would prefer the traditional look of an analog watch combined with the contemporary features of apps, fitness trackers, and connection with other devices, etc. These kinds of watches are the Hybrid watches that display more than just the time on their LCD screens. Naviforce watches are a contemporary invention that features all these facilities.  

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