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Best place to buy ladies bags online in Pakistan

Discover our new season range of women's handbags, which includes designs for every occasion. With one of our stylish tote bags, shoulder bags, or crossbody ladies’ bags, you can take all of your belongings to the office. Find laptop bags to exercise bags in various sizes, as well as functional and beautiful designs for day-to-day activities.

Everyone notices everything you bring with you when you drive, visit a friend, attend a party, wedding, family gathering, or even go shopping. On the other hand, ladies’ bags change the game and give you a flawless look that inspires you to make a big impression on those around you. Women's handbags have become a fashion trend in recent years as it is much more than an accessory to put in a wallet and purse. It's the most prized possession, a convenient and attractive way to keep all of the necessities.

The main benefit of ladies’ shoulder bags is that they combine great elegance with functionality. These bags are powerful and long-lasting. These bags can be used to store a variety of valuable items when shopping. No matter what kind of outfit you're wearing, a ladies clutch would never look out of style or outdated. Get a chic handbag if you want to have an everlasting piece of elegance and beauty. Fancy bags are unquestionably the best piece of fashion accessory range in Pakistan.

Prepare for adventures this season with our collection of overnight, travel, and weekender bags in neutral tones and classic black hues, as well as our bum bags, which will keep all of your necessities secure. This season, shop for your favorite women's designer bags from MK bags, Gucci Bags, Armani Bags, Tory Burch, Chanel bags, Versace, Dior, Fendi, Charles and Keith, YSL, and Prada.


Micheal Kors is a luxury brand that offers a wide range of women’s accessories. From watches to handbags and many more. You can check out their stylish and classy bags in our collection and buy for yourself or gift someone.


Gucci is a world-renowned fashion brand famous for its luxurious and quality women’s handbags range. They bring an innovative, influential, progressive, and modern approach to women’s fashion by introducing a new range of handbags made with Italian craftsmanship. Check out luxury Gucci Bags in our collection.


Emporio Armani is another global luxurious brand that specializes in ladies handbags that range from classic shoulder bags to modern totes in a variety of tones and designs. We bring you various designs of Armani ladies’ bags at your fingertips with our wide online collection.

Tory Burch

Tory Burch offers a wide range of women’s bags in the category of Nylon bags and backpacks, matching wallets and bags, clutches, evening bags, mini bags, satchels, bucket bags, cross body bags, shoulder bags, and totes.


Chanel is quite popular and expensive due to many reasons. They offer practical and functional accessories that add class to the wearer. It is a sign of high status and many women love to buy their handbags due to variety and classy designs. Check out our ladies’ bag section for stunning Chanel bags to buy now.


Versace is one of the leading fashion brands globally right now and a symbol of Italian luxury. They design a wide range of fashion items from clothing to accessories and much more. The brand brings a strong and fearless design to the market to showcase its heritage and love for contemporary culture. Check out their modernistic design bags in our collection.


Dior designer bags are best sellers globally and even in Pakistan. If you are looking for a modern style or sophisticated ladies’ bag to buy in Pakistan then we have plenty of their collection.


Fendi offers wide range of bag’s collection including Backpacks, Belt Bags, Bucket Bags, Exotic Bags, Peekaboo, Top Handles and Totes Baguette Boston Bags, Clutches and Pochettes, Mini Bags, and Shoulder Bags.

Charles and Keith

Charles and Keith from Singapore is a luxury brand that offers exclusive and attractive ladies bags at a wide range of price. It comes under an affordable niche and you can find multiple categories of bags in our collection.


Prada is a century old Italian luxury brand that specializes in shoes, leather handbags and more. They have introduced a wide range of hand bags for women and men. The brand is premium and comes under affordable range in many categories.


Louis Vuitton is an international luxurious brand popular for bags, shoes and apparel. The reason they are so expensive is because they do not exploit their workers and pay them fairly for their excellent hard work. You will see their products are always high class because they value their work and get fair treatment.

No outfit of the day is fully complete without a bag as a finishing touch, from daily handbags to evening clutches. The best ladies bags and backpacks and purses, and card wallets are all available at our store. Visit Quickly.pk for women's bags that can hold all of your essentials while still looking stylish. Designer handbags by Versace, and Clutches and dainty crossbody by Chanel, are all available to match with your fancy outfit of the night.

Ladies' handbags are available in various sizes, fabrics, and colors, and we have bags and purses for every outfit and occasion. Every girl, young and old, requires a handbag to store a book, money, makeup, or anything else of value. The best handbags are both functional and fashionable. There are several options available, ranging from Baby Bags, laptop bags, office bags, purses, fancy bags, crossbody bags, expensive bags, cheap bags, formal bags to lightweight bags.

History of Ladies handbags

Initially, the word “purse" referred to a small pocket used to store coins. It is also used to refer to a small money bag in many English-speaking countries. A "handbag" is a larger accessory that contains things other than cash, such as personal belongings. The words purse and handbag are often interchanged in American English. In the early 1900s, the word "handbag" first appeared. It was originally only used to refer to men's hand luggage.

During this time, women's bags became larger and more complicated, and the term was applied to the accessory. In the mid-twentieth century, "pocketbook" was another name for a woman's handbag that was most common on the East Coast of the United States.

Origins in the modern era

Early modern Europeans only wore purses to carry coins. Purses were made of soft cloth or leather and were worn by both men and women; the Scottish sporran is an example of this tradition. Young girls were taught embroidery as a required skill for marriage in the 17th century, and it also helped them make very beautiful handbags. By the late eighteenth century, European fashions had shifted to a slender form for these pieces, influenced by the silhouettes of Ancient Greece and Rome.

Reticules were created in response to women's need for purses that were not bulky or untidy in appearance. Reticules were made of fine fabrics such as silk and velvet and were worn on the wrist. They first gained popularity in France, then in Britain, where they were dubbed "indispensables." Men, on the other hand, did not follow suit. Instead, they wore purses and pockets, which later became fashionable in men's slacks.

The modern lightweight bags in pocket, wallet, pouch, or handbag design originated in England during the Industrial Revolution, partly due to the rise in railway travel. After finding that his wife's purse was too small and made of a material that would not survive the trip, Doncaster industrialist and confectionery manufacturer Samuel Parkinson (of butterscotch fame) ordered a collection of traveling cases and trunks in 1841 and insisted on a traveling case or bag for her particulars.

Furthermore, he specified that he wanted numerous ladies’ handbags for his wife, varying in size for different occasions. These are made from the leather used for cases and trunks to differentiate them from the then-popular carpet bag and other travelers' cloth bags. H. J. Cave (London) compiled and produced the first modern range of luxury handbags, including a clutch and a tote (dubbed the "ladies traveling case" at the time).

These are also on display at the Amsterdam Museum of Bags and Purses. H. J. Cave continued to market and promote the handbags, even though many critics said they were unnecessary and that bags of such size and weight would 'break the backs of ladies.' After 1865, H. J. Cave ceased to promote the ladies bags, focusing instead on trunks. Still, they continued to produce the occasional handbag for royalty, celebrities, or special occasions, the most recent of which was the Queen's Diamond Jubilee in 2012. H.J. Cave, on the other hand, resumed handbag production in 2010.

The twentieth century

Handbags were widely criticized when they first became famous because they were seen as unfeminine. Before handbags, pockets were secured inside a woman's dress which held personal items, and retrieving items was done discreetly and modestly. Since women’s handbags are worn out in the open, they reveal a woman's personal belongings.

As handbags became more common in the twentieth century, they started to evolve from strictly functional objects to symbols of the wearer's wealth and social status. Purses and handbags' designs, fabrics, prices, and, most importantly, their brand names were just as (if not more) valuable than the bags' functionality. Handbags went from being seen as unfeminine to being seen as both feminine and masculine. Men's bags were more in the realm of briefcases: square, hard-edged, plain, containing objects relating to the "man's world": business-related items, papers, files, stationery, and pens.

Ladies’ handbags were more in fashion accessories not intended to carry more than a few personal and beauty items (feminine things). The unisex alms purse originated in the Middle Ages to hold coins to donate to the church or the sick, which bridges the divide between the personal bag and the business bag. The alms purse's charitable symbolism was later carried on to women's handbags in general; a woman carrying a bag was seen as upper class and may carry her donations in the bag.

Due to the rationing of textiles during World War II, handbags made of raffia or crocheted from yarn became popular in the 1940s. During this time, some women crocheted small handbags from commercial designs.

A girl's best friend is her handbag. It's something they never leave home without. However, they often forget to bring the basics, but they never forget to bring a handbag. Many department stores and outlet stores carry bags and outlet stores where you can get even the most affordable bag for a lower price, but we make it easier to find handbag prices in Pakistan and trendy handbags for women. Keep up with the latest news to ensure you get your favorite bag. Women's handbags are now considered to be luxury items. Therefore, designer and branded bags are in high demand, and as a result, they have grown in popularity.

Quickly.pk have the styles to complete your look, whether you're looking for ladies shoulder bags, ladies clutch, ladies expensive bags, bags for girls, or college girl bags.

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